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Mar 20, 2017


Meet Julia Bramble, lovely lady, mum of six incredible children and social media expert founder of Bramble Buzz.  Home is also home for an array of wonderful animals, including the ducks who seem to want in on our podcast action!  Julia is full of wisdom when it comes to business and having built a successful busines and expert status whist raising six children, she certainly knows a thing or two about what it takes to be a Mumpreneur.

Connect with Julia -

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Mar 20, 2017

Life isn't always straight forward and on that path you can find a way to create and craft your business. Here is a great podcast with Nina Farr as she talks about changing careers, changing family set-up and creating her own business. Her motivations to do something for herself will really resonate with you and it's a good insight into why the eventual place you end up isn't where you thought you would do.

Take some time for yourself and have a listen to this, we'd love your comments.

Nina is an amazing Leadership and Parent Coach for parent leaders of the modern world, Mum and Step-Mum.

Nina's Bio - I’m a leadership coach working with parents who are raising their families alone.

I’m here to empower, challenge and inspire parents just like you, who have experienced family breakdown. To live connected and vibrant lives as strong parent-leaders for your families.

My mission is to support you in navigating the challenge of your family changing shape. To deeply connect with your own skills, gifts and talents while unlocking your natural leadership potential.

I believe there is no better person in the world to love and support your children through change than you, and you have everything you need to do the job well!

Bold, adventurous, resilient parents raise children who are ready to explore this amazing world we all belong to. Are you ready to show them the way? Then step on in...

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Mar 20, 2017


This episode takes us to Brazil, where I had the pleasure of interviewing Morena while she was there visiting family.  The birds were tweeting away in the background as Morena, a business profit strategist, shared her insights and top tips with us on all things buisness, money and family.

Morena's Bio - I help heart-centred female entrepreneurs who are making £55K+ per year to create the strategies to control their money so they can hit their financial goals month in and month out.

No matter how much money you make, if you don’t have the strategies and systems in place to support you, you end up not having anything to show for your work. Money is a fluid energy and as such it can go out as quick as it comes in.

I have worked in financial management for the last 7 years of my career.

The last 3 years were in International Development managing the financial side of projects ranging from £5M to £35M. That helped me to become very good are creating and managing budgets as well as the day to day financial management part and understanding how to deliver results and get the best out of people.

Prior to that I have worked at the commercial side of the Science Museum Group in the UK, which is a group of four National Museums. I have had a broad role doing management accounts to all commercial areas, including Retail, Catering, Cinemas and Customer Service which gave me great commercial awareness and analysis capabilities to figure out what initiatives are working and which are a waste of time.

Most small business only see their accountants couple of times a year for their tax returns but I believe that there is much more we can gain from analysing our figures and using them to direct the business strategy.

I am also a mum to a gorgeous 18 months old boy that challenges me everyday to want to be better and to work towards my dreams.

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Mar 20, 2017

It has been such a pleasure to watch Rayah's journey, as she has grown her business and community.  Rayah is Mum to a gorgeous boy, and really does have a great passion for all things digital. Rayah has really excelled in building an online community quickly and achieving high levels of engagement and interaction. 

Rayah's Bio - I'm Rayah Harley, the non-fluffy, straight talking 'Online Visibility & Business Growth Strategist' for female service based entrepreneurs. I help women who are ready to create, grow and scale their online business and income whilst transforming their client's lives in the process.

If you're ready to grow your online business and stop lurking in the social media shadows then I'd love to connect with you in my free Facebook community Where you can access FREE training, gain support, join the conversations and connect with like minded women.

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Mar 20, 2017

I met Ruth back in 2013, she came along to one of the very first events I organised in London for Mum in business.  Ruth is one of these people who has such a warm and bubbly personnality, she lit up the room with her big smile and love of purple!

I've not only had the pleasure of working with Ruth, I'm blessed to call her a dear friend and soul-sister.

Ruth's passion for what she does shines through and she has one of the most incredible professional Bio's, jam packed with professional credentials and awards and yet remains one of most down to earth and modest ladies I've ever met.

Ruth's Bio - Ruth is an award-winning Pregnancy Mindset Expert, founder of Tune Into Your Baby.  Helping women, partiularly those who have conceived through IVF or other assisted conception, to manage their stress levels, feelings of anxiety and overwhelm so they can focus on enjoying a healthy pregnancy.

A qualified, trained and nationally recognised expert in midwifery, health visiting and parenting; with a private practice in London’s Harley Street. She works with clients to eliminate anxiety, fear and stress around their pregnancy so that they can bond with their baby, remain pregnant and importantly enjoy the experience.

She is also author of Tune In To Your Baby: Because Babies Don’t Come With An Instruction Manual – a guide to parenting from conception onward.  For over two decades she has supported thousands of women at all stages of their parenting journey from conception through pregnancy, childbirth and beyond.

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Mar 20, 2017

Those of you who know me already, probably know that I really enjoy using Facebook both for business and for staying connected to friends and family.  What you might not know is that I owe a lot of thanks to Facebook for some of the most special connections in my life...afer all it's how I met the love of my life, Graham Wilson. 

It's also thanks to Facebook that I met amazing Roslyn Bell. 

Roslyn had done some talks for Graham a number of years ago for some business events held at his training centre Success Factory.  Roslyn had started hearing about me through Graham's facebook posts and realising we were both mums in business with probably a lot in common, she reached out to say hello (you cannot imagine what a simple hello can lead to in life and business, I can't recommend it enought to you all).

Roslyn lives in Ireland but is regularly in Chester for business, so we arranged to meet up for coffee and a quick chat.  Oh boy! I think it took us a good 90 mins to stop talking long enough to even order our first coffee, and our coffee turned into a 5 hour lunch!  Needless to say, we had that instant connection. 

This lady's story is incredible, and VERY inspirational for other women, particuarly mums in business. You'll know what I mean when you listen to the interview.

Amazing story and genuinely amazing lady!

Roslyn's Bio - Roslyn owns her own successful property investment business, she's an entrepreneur, mentor and author of the book about her incredible life story I will be home in 20 minutes

You can connect with Roslyn via her Facebook Fanpage

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Feb 3, 2017

Lindsey has an incredible business, one which I've personally experienced - exhibiting and speaking at her Mums Enterprise Roadshow.  A national event which was so needed, and is helping to change the lifes of ambitious Mums all over the UK.

Lindsey already has a little girl, and as I recorded this interview capturing her insights and wisdom and what has made the difference in her business journey, Lindsey has a lovely bump as she expecting a new addition to the familly.  What an amazing lady, raising her daughter, building her business with the next roadshow due to take place next month (with 1000 visitors registerd and a stadium full of exhibitors) all whilst growing her bump too!

Check out this amazing lady's interview

Lindsey's Bio - Lindsey Fish is the founding director of Mums Enterprise Ltd and the Mums Enterprise Roadshow. The  idea was born from her own experiences of becoming a mum and launching her own corporate event management agency back in 2014 instead of returning to her corporate career as a Marketing Manager for a city tech company.

“I love organising events, ever since my apprenticeship 17 years ago, events have always been a part of my career. Having the idea for the Mums Enterprise Roadshow was my 'light-bulb moment'. My experience of working hard and climbing the career ladder before having a baby meant I was still hungry and eager to be fulfilled in my career after maternity leave.  But I didn't want to put Molly into childcare for 11 hours a day and have a three hour commute when I could be with her.  So I launched my own corporate events agency in 2014 and a year into that the idea for the Mums Enterprise Roadshow struck. 

This is our life, our mission and we cant wait to #shootforthemoon and take thousands of mums on the journey with us."

Connect with Lindsey -

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Jan 20, 2017

It's crazy really...the first time I met Karen was at the Mpower launch in London. I found it hard to beleive it was the first time we'd met in person, because I'd actually got to know Karen, work with her, and ultimately become friends all in the virtual world over a period of about 3 years prior to us meeting in person for the first time!  When we met in person, I found it hard to believe it was the first time!

I'm so thankful for the power of social media, for connecting us initially, and for giving me the opportunity to get to know Karen, her different businesses and the incredible work she now does supporting Expat women.  Having lived on different continents as an expat myself for almost 16 years, I understand how invaluable getting the right support can be when we are far from the family, friends, language, climate and culture we call home.

In this interview Karen shares the experience of her incredible 30 years in business as an entrepreneur, both as a mother and now a grandmother this lady really has so many golden gems to share...

Karen's Bio - Co-Founder of Voice of Women International, a new global movement for women, Karen Kennaby is a highly experienced and visionary coach/mentor. She works primarily with English-speaking expat women around the globe helping them find joy, meaning & purpose in a different lifestyle - most women she works with have experienced considerable success in their work life and expat life has brought unexpected challenges… she helps them resolve those.  As a result of 30 years running her own businesses, well over a decade coaching and mentoring, together with running various women’s organisations around the world, Karen has a brief case of knowledge and experience to tap into and share. Her life as a single mother whilst founding and running a 7-figure business, being an expat and being a multi passionate woman add to that a depth of understanding, empathy and wisdom that she brings to her work. Karen loves travel, food, romance, personal & spiritual development.

Contact Karen:

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Dec 1, 2016

Emily and I were introduced to each other back in 2014, when Mpower (it wasn't even called Mpower back then) was just getting started.  We met for lunch in Shoreham, I remember that day well.  Easy for many to assume we were competitors in some way, but I prefer to focus on the word 'collaboration' and always love to seek how I can support others...if we are doing similar things it just means we are women on a similar mission...and indeed we ARE!

I've not only had the honour of working with Emily over the years as her business coach, she is also a member of my VIP mastermind group, but more than that - she has become like a sister to me!  That is the beauty of doing something you love, and surrouding yourself with people you love to be around.

Emily's Bio - Emily is an award-winning coach for mums in business helping them to ditch guilt and overwhelm which so often plague busy Mums, so that they can find happiness being the mum they want to be and be in the emotional zone which allows them to attract opportunities and clients with greater ease. 

Emily is an inspirational speaker for groups of female entepreneurs as well as larger organisations (for example, she has given talks at IBM and American Express) and author of The Working Mums 5 Step Solution To Having It All.  She is also founder of Happy Working Mum

Emily also does work for companies and organisations, helping them to achieve their goals around gender diversity, staff retention and staff well-being by supporting their female staff to ditch guilt, banish overwhelm and feel happier, more productive and creative in the workplace, whilst enjoying family life through acheiving a better work-life balance -

Emily has also become a key member of the Mpower team, and faciliates Mpower Mastermind groups in both Central London and Sussex.

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Nov 22, 2016

Did you know, last year mums in business generated an incredible 7.2 billion pounds in the UK economy alone.

There’s never been a better time to turn your dream business into reality.

There’s never been a better time to join a growing number of smart, talented women on a mission to make a real difference in the world doing something they love, while making a difference at home for the ones they love most.

There’s never been a better time...

but let’s be honest, that doesn’t always mean it’s easy

Did you know that most businesses fail in their first three years?

and many continue to struggle to get the clients and results they deserve even beyond the three year mark

I don’t want this to be you!

I’m Nicola Huelin, award-winning business coach and mentor with over 20 years in business (nearly all of them as a mum).  Author of the forthcoming book “The Invisible Revolution” and founder of Mpower Mastermind groups.

I know how vital it is to get the right support and inspiration.  Having had the honour of connecting, coaching and mentoring hundreds of mums in business across the UK, I know it’s essential to get inspiration and practical insights from REAL role models –women you can relate to and learn from who are on a similar journey and truly understand the unique challenges and constraints of combining being a successful woman in business AND an amazing mum.

Welcome to the Mpower podcast

Tune in to our weekly programmes and interviews designed to inform, inspire and empower mums in business

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