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Jan 20, 2017

It's crazy really...the first time I met Karen was at the Mpower launch in London. I found it hard to beleive it was the first time we'd met in person, because I'd actually got to know Karen, work with her, and ultimately become friends all in the virtual world over a period of about 3 years prior to us meeting in person for the first time!  When we met in person, I found it hard to believe it was the first time!

I'm so thankful for the power of social media, for connecting us initially, and for giving me the opportunity to get to know Karen, her different businesses and the incredible work she now does supporting Expat women.  Having lived on different continents as an expat myself for almost 16 years, I understand how invaluable getting the right support can be when we are far from the family, friends, language, climate and culture we call home.

In this interview Karen shares the experience of her incredible 30 years in business as an entrepreneur, both as a mother and now a grandmother this lady really has so many golden gems to share...

Karen's Bio - Co-Founder of Voice of Women International, a new global movement for women, Karen Kennaby is a highly experienced and visionary coach/mentor. She works primarily with English-speaking expat women around the globe helping them find joy, meaning & purpose in a different lifestyle - most women she works with have experienced considerable success in their work life and expat life has brought unexpected challenges… she helps them resolve those.  As a result of 30 years running her own businesses, well over a decade coaching and mentoring, together with running various women’s organisations around the world, Karen has a brief case of knowledge and experience to tap into and share. Her life as a single mother whilst founding and running a 7-figure business, being an expat and being a multi passionate woman add to that a depth of understanding, empathy and wisdom that she brings to her work. Karen loves travel, food, romance, personal & spiritual development.

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