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Feb 3, 2017

Lindsey has an incredible business, one which I've personally experienced - exhibiting and speaking at her Mums Enterprise Roadshow.  A national event which was so needed, and is helping to change the lifes of ambitious Mums all over the UK.

Lindsey already has a little girl, and as I recorded this interview capturing her insights and wisdom and what has made the difference in her business journey, Lindsey has a lovely bump as she expecting a new addition to the familly.  What an amazing lady, raising her daughter, building her business with the next roadshow due to take place next month (with 1000 visitors registerd and a stadium full of exhibitors) all whilst growing her bump too!

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Lindsey's Bio - Lindsey Fish is the founding director of Mums Enterprise Ltd and the Mums Enterprise Roadshow. The  idea was born from her own experiences of becoming a mum and launching her own corporate event management agency back in 2014 instead of returning to her corporate career as a Marketing Manager for a city tech company.

“I love organising events, ever since my apprenticeship 17 years ago, events have always been a part of my career. Having the idea for the Mums Enterprise Roadshow was my 'light-bulb moment'. My experience of working hard and climbing the career ladder before having a baby meant I was still hungry and eager to be fulfilled in my career after maternity leave.  But I didn't want to put Molly into childcare for 11 hours a day and have a three hour commute when I could be with her.  So I launched my own corporate events agency in 2014 and a year into that the idea for the Mums Enterprise Roadshow struck. 

This is our life, our mission and we cant wait to #shootforthemoon and take thousands of mums on the journey with us."

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